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frequently asked questions

technical information

What format should the pictures/videos/audio files have in order to be uploaded on to the site?

We accept all common file formats.

What happens if I deleted/forgot to save the content of my page, can I retrieve my page?

We will make every effort to assist you in the event that you delete your content by mistake, but this cannot be guaranteed. Please contact us for further assistance.

security and data protection

How secure is my data with distantHere?

Your privacy and the security of your information is of utmost importance to us. Located within the EU, we adhere to one of the worlds most stringent data protection policies. And we go beyond this to ensure your data is safe (Reference to GDPR, EU-Regulations).

What happens to my data upon termination of contract?

We delete of all of your data upon request, and also in the event of the termination of contract from either party. Furthermore, if you wish it is possible to generate a downloaded and printed copy of your page prior to deletion.

What happens to my data if distantHere ceases to exist?

As certain as we are that distantHere will remain active for a very long time, we understand the need for your peace of mind that the data will not be lost. We will therefore ensure sufficient communication in case distantHere should cease to exist in order to give you the opportunity to make a copy of your data.

how does distantHere work?

How will my content be shared in the event of death?

We want to keep this process as simple as possible for you. Once you have logged in, you can generate a printed document in your Settings detailing instructions on how to view your distantHere page. Store this legacy document with your important documents and where your family can find it when you pass away.

What is the end of life process at distantHere?

You can define specific triggers which will notify us your death. These can include email inactivity, notification of death from trusted people (family, friends, lawyers, etc.). Once we have been informed, the contents of your page will be released. For special requests please contact us. 

How long does my account exist for after I die?

Your data will be kept available for three months after confirmed death. This period can be extended by you in advance or by your chosen contacts after death. If you do not want the possibility for your contacts to extend the after-death period, you must inform us in writing.

Can I collaborate with other users when creating a space on distantHere?

Yes, of course - if for example, you wish to prepare a birthday gift or mark a special occasion for someone by collaborating with others, you can share a link with them so that they can login and create content. 

Once your project is finished, you can create a link and share it with the people that you wish.


Can I create multiple pages under one account, eg. for myself and for other family members?

You can create pages for yourself and for others under one account name. For example, if you want to help a grandparent with creating their own page because they are hindered from using digital media to setup their own account, you can do this using your login credentials to create a distantHere page for a loved one.

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