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unleashing our potential

unleashing our potential

unleashing our potential

Build a Digital Monument 
for someone you love.

distant here logo: large heart with smaller heart behind it.

Create a digital monument for a loved one, honouring who they are and what they mean to you.

Or share the story of your own life with lasting memories and define your own legacy

All in the privacy of a secure space where you decide who to share it with. Now or later

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build a

make sure the
right people get it at the right time

distantHere has two usecases. You can build a digital monument for someone else to celebrate his or her life and share it with them, eg as a birthday present for a grandmother. 

Or you create one for yourself and leave something for your loved ones to make things easier for the time when you are not around anymore. Telling the story of your life in your own words and pictures, and maybe making the practical part a bit easier for your folks by providing all documents, subscription details etc at one place.

drag and drop your

digital monument

into existence

dN -main – 3.png
  • simple

  • beautiful

  • lasting

  • add as many chapters as you want

Build your own easy to use private page - add your pictures, videos, links and shape your own script.

Autumn foliage from below looking up into the sky.

We believe it is time to bring the conversation about life and death to the kitchen table.

Let's embrace it -
time to
smile at the inevitable.

Lady rejoicing with both hands in air, smiling with her tongue sticking out.

Various account details, insurance contracts, subscriptions to your streaming platforms ... or how about instructions on operating the watering system in your garden or taking care of your beloved pet?

We help you to get things organised.

Desk with laptop, tablet, phones, other electronic equipment and stationery.

Life is freakin' complex!

Dealing with its practicalities now, 
makes it easier for your loved ones to navigate later 

...and if you think about it for a second, the amount of time you save your loved ones by not having to go through mountains of paper work probably justifies the overall effort already.

Woman taking with her back turned, taking picture of a glittery rainbow depicted on a wall.

The rainbow on the horizon is the invaluable
emotional impact you can make by sending your message at a time when your family and friends will need it most.

Man in a small boat with oars, in a misty seascape tinted orange.

 Give yourself peace of mind.

Review where you stand at present, how far you have come and the

music you hear for the future.

The journey is yours to make.

Why people use distanthere.

Young man laughing

"I am doing it for my wonderful, crazy grandmother who has always been there for me. It has inspired the rest of my family to contribute to her legacy!"

Lady smiling.

"I want to tell my circle of friends who I am, maybe the one or other thing will surprise them - and maybe even make them smile."

Young lady smiling.

"I am so grateful for capturing those moments of granny on video while baking. Now we have an ongoing project where we can treasure her recipes for years to come!" 

Man smiling with eyes closed; confetti  flying through the air.

"They will find everything in order. The less administrative hurdles my children have to face later, the better for all of us."

Woman smiling

"Caring for the elderly is a labour of love. It really brings home the importance of dignity and respect. This is a way to give those I care for a voice."

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