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unleashing our potential

unleashing our potential

unleashing our potential

Build a Digital Monument 
for someone you love.

distant here logo: large heart with smaller heart behind it.

Create a monument for a loved one, honouring what they mean to you.

Or share the story of your own life with lasting memories, defining your own legacy.

None of this is public, you alone decide who can see your page.

Here's how it works.

shape your

digital monument

into existence

Screenshot example of a distantHere private login space
  • simple

  • beautiful

  • lasting

  • add as much content as you want

Get started with 3 easy steps - sign up, create your monument, and define who you will share your space with via the legacy process. 

build a monument

make sure the
right people get it at the right time

So let's get started! We believe it is time to bring the conversation about life and death to the kitchen table.

Let's embrace it -
time to
smile at the inevitable.

Eine Frau, die jubelnd beide Hände in die Luft streckt, lächelt und streckt ihre Zunge heraus.

This self-reflective process leads to a more authentic and meaningful life, bringing the rainbow closer to home. 

It is a proven method for enhancing your well-being! If you are interested read more in our section on health

Frau, die einen glitzernden Regenbogen fotografiert, der auf einer Wand abgebildet ist, mit dem Rücken zum Betrachter.

Why people use distanthere.

Older lady smiling

"I want them to know who I really was, not just the part of me that is the "success story". There is much more to my life - maybe the one or the other thing will make them smile!

Young man laughing

"...building this monument for my wonderfulcrazy 

grandmother for her 84th birthday. She gets photos from all of us - she will love it!"

Lady with glasses smiling

"Caring for the elderly is a labour of love. It really brings home the importance of dignity and respect. This is a way to give those I care for a voice."

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